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General Server Rules for FURIEN.LEGENDCS.RO

The rules are structured into 3 categories:

  • Player Rules
  • ADMIN Rules
  • Additional Rules for All Players

Player Rules

  • The administration of FURIEN.LEGENDCS.RO values maintaining a pleasant atmosphere on the server. Inappropriate language, insults, mockery, or jokes/insults with racist or sexual connotations, or intended to demean a person, whether a player or admin, are strictly prohibited. Violators will be punished with a GAG (mute) for 5-10 minutes, followed by a 30-minute BAN in cases of repeated offenses, or even a permanent BAN if inappropriate language continues.
  • Any command executed on you by an admin should not be disputed or countered with threats, insults, or reproaches. If you believe that a particular admin is abusing their powers, you can file a complaint in the "Nemultumiri&Reclamatii" (Admin Complaints) section.
  • Both players and admins are forbidden from using (CAPS-LOCK) in player chat and admin chat (PENALTY: GAG, 15 MINUTE BAN for the first offense, 30 MINUTE BAN for the second offense).
  • Any form of hack or cfg usage will result in a PERMANENT BAN without the right to appeal.
  • Players are required to notify on say_team if there are players with cheats or players suspected of cheating, as well as players who engage in (TURNBACK) or (CAMP).
  • Any player who plays on our server and advertises other servers, regardless of their community affiliation, will be punished with a PERMANENT BAN.
  • Do not insult the STAFF or server FOUNDERS; if something bothers you, you will be SANCTIONED with a 120-MINUTE BAN for the first offense, and a PERMANENT BAN for the second offense.
  • We do not allow idle (AFK) players; they will be sanctioned with a kick.
  • If you suspect a player of cheating and there is no admin online, you can record a DEMO and then post the evidence (following the model) in the "Cereri BAN/UnBan" (BAN/UnBan Requests) section.
  • You are not allowed to climb on the map - PENALTY: SLAY/BAN 10 MINUTES (in repeated cases after at least 3 slays have been given!).
  • When the bomb is planted, you are not allowed to CAMP except in the X-ZONE (where the bomb is planted).
  • You are not allowed to camp - PENALTY: SLAY (1/3), (2/3) BAN - 10 minutes (3/3).
  • CAMPZONE - is when a CT stays in the same area (for example, on Dust2, in X1, they go up the stairs, turn back in X - go long, turn back in X, and so on, and the same applies to other maps or staying in the same spot).
  • You are not allowed to place more than 2 HE grenades at the bomb, otherwise, a 10-minute ban will be imposed!
  • You are not allowed to turn back (TURN-BACK) regardless of the moment or situation.
  • You can make a turnback when you are the last CT alive.
  • You are required to leave X clear in the last 30 seconds for the Furien to plant.
  • On maps with only one X, it will be left clear in the last 60 seconds.
  • Furien players are obligated to plant the bomb in the last 60 seconds.
  • You are not allowed to throw the bomb into locations where it cannot be retrieved by Furien - PENALTY: 10 MINUTES BAN.
  • You are not allowed to plant the bomb in inaccessible locations where it cannot be defused - PENALTY: 30 MINUTES BAN.

Admin Rules

  • No admin is allowed to use commands on other admins - DOWNGRADE (-1)/REMOVE.
  • An admin is not allowed to use vulgar language on the server -Verbal warning on first offense then DOWNGRADE/REMOVE on more than one offense.
  • Admins are required to have evidence for any given BAN - VERBAL WARNING FOR THE FIRST OFFENSE / DOWNGRADE FOR THE SECOND.
  • Admins are obligated to nominate at least 3 MAPS for voting - VERBAL WARNING FOR THE FIRST OFFENSE / DOWNGRADE FOR THE SECOND.
  • Admins are obligated to nominate at least 3 MAPS for voting - VERBAL WARNING FOR THE FIRST OFFENSE / DOWNGRADE FOR THE SECOND.
  • The map change vote should take place in the last 5 MINUTES - VERBAL WARNING FOR THE FIRST OFFENSE / DOWNGRADE FOR THE SECOND.
  • (NEW) Admins who have the Helper rank are NO longer allowed to use the amx_ss command or to ask for the wargods of the players on the server,only the demo function is allowed (record <name>) in which you have to capture the ip of the "targeted" player together with some "suspicious" sequences. (The exception to this rule will be when a player, for example, advertises on the server, in this case pictures are accepted)
  • (NEW) Admins with the rank of SUPERVISOR above can take pictures using the amx_ss command and/or ask for wargods
  • (NEW) When those with the rank of SUPERVISOR and above take pictures of a player or ask for wargods, the player MUST wait at least 5 minutes to receive the necessary evidence, during which time you explain to him what he has to do (except for cases where players leave the server after they are asked for wargods or their pictures are taken, then the money is imposed (post proof that the player left the server after you asked him for pictures)
  • Admins are required to check if there are more than 2 HE grenades in the plant zone (A & B); the whole FURIEN team will be punished with slayteam.
  • Admins are forbidden to advertise our server on other communities/servers, regardless of the forums/sites they are on - REMOVE + PERMANENT BAN.
  • Your activity as an admin on the server will be monitored based on your presence on the server and Discord, activity on the forum (responses to admin slot requests, etc.), and your behavior. These considerations can lead to UP/DOWNGRADE decisions, so there's no need for you to request them; the server administration will decide.
  • The amx_banip/addban command is used only in the following situations:

  1. If the player in question advertises another server/forum.
  • If the player uses cheats/hacks/anti-recoil.
  1. If you have taken pictures of someone, and the person in question refuses to provide them. 30 minutes for those with disturbing language (first, warn them with amx_gag, and if they continue, ban them for 30 minutes).
  1. If the player uses modified CFG, they must play with default settings only!
  1. If a player uses modified scripts for bhop, strafehack, they will be PERMANENTLY banned.

  • The amx_votemap or votemapmenu command is only used in the last 5 minutes, with the following clarifications:

  • The vote should not be initiated without consulting the admins present on the server! -
  • Warning Before voting, check the last maps by typing /last.
  • The map changes after a vote of any admin present on the server; it's not a rule that the person who initiated the vote must be the one to change it.
  • If no vote has been initiated and it was an automatic vote, let the map from the automatic vote continue to run!
  • Map votes are conducted in the last 5 minutes.
  • Every admin is obligated to activate their Discord channel and try to honor a player's request on Discord when they request an admin on the server.

Additional Rules for All Players


  • First and foremost, you must be familiar with the server's rules.
  • You are not superior to other players in any way, so play without a sense of superiority.
  • Appropriate language is mandatory and is punished just as severely.
  • You are obligated to join the server's Discord channel.
  • If you violate any of the rules above, you will be punished in accordance with the sanctions listed above, without a refund of any kind.


For the question "Have you read the rules?" the accepted answer is "No."
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